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Three Wheels are Better Than Two

We should always take a moment to enjoy the path. So often we are stuck on the result, the goal, or the end state and miss the moments we can experience as we travel along the path. I had the opportunity to enjoy the path last night.

What started off as a little date night with Kristi morphed into having a third wheel. We visited 1892 East for a wonderful meal and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

The Third Wheel

Then, date night turned into scouting locations for shoots in downtown Huntsville. We walked the path that meanders through Gateway Greenway. Three wheels rolling together enjoying the sights and contemplating what parts of the greenway offered the best composition for portraits. We saw some oddities that just seemed to scream TAKE MY PICTURE!


When it was all said and done, I realized that sometimes three wheels are better than two. Recognizing the path we were traveling on a wonderful Friday evening was full of laughter, love, and joy brought the realization that this brief moment along the path of life was one to remember.

Love the Path

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