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Sometimes you just need a day. Whether it's a cry-your-face-off day, sick day, mental health day, and of course the been-a-day day. But, one of the best kinds of days is BFF (pronounced "biff") Day! Right now, stop what you're doing, get ahold of your BFF(s), and schedule your day. Seriously, you'll thank me later!!

Things get really crazy and really hard when we grow up. Kids. Work. Sports. Bills. Taxes. Family issues. Grown Up Real Life problems. Business issues. The list goes on & on. Sometimes it does the soul good to just play in the makeup, try on prom dresses all day, and then cap the evening with sharing each other's food with an incredibly overpriced bottle of wine!!

THESE days don't come often enough in the crazy of life. Remember to capture it all. Even if the poses aren't perfect, the angles are weird, and the lighting is terrible. CAPTURE IT ALL! These images WILL bring you a smile in those OTHER days!!

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