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I had some rough shoots to end 2017, so bad that I allowed the lies and the defeat to convince me to quit doing what I love. Then this beautiful soul called on ME, of all the people in her tribe, she chose ME to capture THIS!

No way I was gonna say "no"!

Our story is a familiar one. Girl, who is super pregnant and full of insecurities, sees smoking hot chick in the gym where super skinny husband is spending A LOT of time. Preggo starts to immediately hate Hotty, because...well, insecurities! Fast forward a few months, now girls are together in a setting where Hotty talks to Preggo. Well, Preggo is immediately attuned to what an incredible personality Hotty has. Well, obviously Preggo hates her more, right? WRONG! She's convicted to the core of how wrong she was to by judgey and catty because of her own insecurities. From that day an awesomely beautiful and really important friendship starts to blossom. Fast forward to a rainy afternoon in a parking lot where girls just pour out their hearts to each other and Preggo tearfully comes clean about how she initially felt about Hotty, and Hotty just loves her. Never even misses a beat, just loves her, and of course forgives her. So Preggo has been redeemed. From this point on, there is nothing but love & honesty between the two.

Hotty is (and really always has been) an amazing example of The One that provides the only Redemption any of us will ever truly need. Ephesians 1:7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. We have a Redeemer for every bad decision we've ever made, every bad thing we've ever done, and the mistakes we've yet to make. We have One that took it all away on a hill in Calvary. Through Him, and His Blood, we have all we'll ever need. He allows us to have a beautiful relationship, not only with Him, but with those He puts in our paths as well, and He does it all on purpose.

There are several things that prompted this post. Most importantly is this: God is bigger than any rough patch. He will provide a way through it, He will make things better. He did that for me in the most amazing way, not only with this friendship, but also with this shoot.

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