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Be Seen!

I've recently had one of the greatest pleasures in my photography career. I hosted my first (of many more to come) Boudoir Portrait Session. I want to eccourage the women reading this to let the camera capture you. I mean CAPTURE you! There is something empowering, even on this side of the lens, seeing women dare to be seen.

By definition, the word empowerment is: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. Can I just say, "you have the right to be seen!" Women often lose themselves as moms, wives, caretakers, business women, etc. Things happen that cause them to hide. They find themselves divorced, orphaned, 20+ pounds heavier than they ever expected. Women all too often allow others' needs and wants to overtake their own and wake up one day asking "who am I?" or "where did I go?", or maybe "how did I even get here?".

Maybe you were Ms. Carefree, all happy-go-lucky with a devil-may-care attitude. Now, you are overcome with anxiety because life has beat you down and scared you to death. Maybe you once loved your body and never gave a second thought to how you look in that bathing suit. Now, since you've had your babies {and OH MY GOODNESS I know you love your babies}, you just want to wear a moomoo to the pool to cover the stretch marks and the not so tight tummy. I'm just going to say it, YOU ARE STILL THERE! BE SEEN!

I invite you to see yourself as you are {and most likely how others really see you}, and love the person you see!

I just have to say even being on the other side of the lens, I was empowered by these brave women. They set aside their reservations and hesitations and allowed me to have just a glimpse at how amazing they truly are and, the end result was..."YYAAASSSS!" Every woman that was photographed expressed that either she didn't know she was that beautiful, or that she was expecting to hate them all because of her weight or her stretch marks. But guess what? These women saw themselves as they deserve to be seen. WORTHY! GORGEOUS! RADIANT! AMAZING! SENSATIONAL! I mean really this list could go on, but I'll stop there. All that is to say, allow yourself to be seen ladies!

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